Roughly 50 years ago, the United States was roiling with change.  The Civil Rights Movement.  The women’s movement.  Vietnam.  Hippies.  Flower children.  And into that world, I was born. 

Over the last few weeks, I’ve watched a number of moving and informative retrospectives on those times (Thanks, CNN!).  During one on the women’s movement, the book Our Bodies, Our Selves was mentioned.  I first encountered the book when my older sister was in college (late 1970s) and it was a revelation.  The organization’s website provides history about how the book came to be ( which you can check out for yourselves.  However, two things struck me.  First, women “shared their personal stories and discussed their experiences with their doctors.”  Second, the discussions were so “provocative and fulfilling” that the participants felt compelled to share what they learned with others and “to challenge the medical establishment to change and improve the care that women receive.” 

My goal is to share with you what I am learning about careers from my research and the research of others.  But more importantly, I would like to engage you in provocative and fulfilling discussions about careers.  Please challenge me to look at careers in new ways and to conduct research that has a real chance of helping people in one of the most important areas of their lives – their careers. 

Welcome to the blog!

AuthorHolly Ferraro